About TWEC Developments Ltd

TWEC is an enterprising company with ambition to achieve service excellence. We work with all kinds of businesses across many different industries. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company our carefully selected staff are fully trained and experienced in delivering the best in property service and construction.

We are based in Shropshire and are well placed to offer services to the West Midlands, Mid & North Wales and the North West of England. TWEC offer a diverse range of services ensuring that whatever your needs they will be catered from conception to completion.

If you are having problems with your facility or existing suppliers and would like to discuss our services, please call us now for a friendly, no obligation chat.

Our Core Values

TWEC are proud to provide a reliable and efficient construction service with the ability to deliver from start to finish while utilising the latest techniques and practices. With a proven track record you can be assured TWEC have the solution while delivering the clients needs to the highest standards.

Our Customers Say

“No man but feels more of a man in the world if he have but a bit of ground that he can call his own. However small it is on the surface, it is four thousand miles deep; and that is a very handsome property.”

“Many novice real estate investors soon quit the profession and invest. When you invest in real estate, you often see a side of humanity that stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and saving money shelter you from.”



Building Inspiring Spaces

A dependable, affordable solution for all your property needs, private and commercial.


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